Our new robotic butler

We here at the Becks Abide have recently come into the possession of a Roomba.  One of our chief reasons for wanting one of these marvelous little machines stems from the fact that Penny currently sheds her body’s weight in fur over the course of a week.  So anything that helps stem the tide of fur (often culminating in tumbleweeds that threaten the lives of our cats), is a welcome addition to our household.

In order to properly celebrate this event, we video taped our (probably premature) maiden voyage of the new vacuum.  I say premature because we didn’t wait for the batteries to fully charge (hey, the battery indicator was green!), so our little roomba cleaned our game room and most of our living room before stopping and cheerfully declaring that we need to return it to its home in order to recharge his little batteries.  Either way, totally worth it.  So, without too much further ado, I present to you our little video.  The only thing I ask is that if you don’t find the video entertaining on it’s own, please mock it, MST3K style.  It’ll make it better, I’m certain.  And with that, here’s our mechanized mobile maid movie:

–Ak out


Game Geeks Baby Shower

And we’re back after a few technical difficulties! (Thanks WordPress for stellar customer support.)

What have we been up to? Work, job changes, puppies and of course baby prep!

Speaking of, big thanks to our Game Geeks friends for throwing us an awesome baby shower last weekend! We had a great time, and were so touched by the generosity of our friends. Here are a few of our favorite pics, and be sure to check out our Facebook page for the rest.

More Nosy Questions

Came across this post, which would be funny if it wasn’t, um, true. So you’re forewarned, sometimes I’m Frances and sometimes I’m Ellen, but I’m very rarely Sarah!


While we aren’t typically what you might call political people, tonight the Becks are deeply saddened by the actions of our state government. In just 5 days, a marriage amendment went from non-existent through the House and Senate, then to on the ballot for a public vote.

I have a lot of thoughts on this… disgust that our government tried to sneak this one by. Outrage that human beings are being treated this way. Annoyed that our government thinks it’s appropriate to spend tax payer dollars on this, especially when there are real issues to be dealt with. Fear at the hatred and prejudice I’ve seen over the past 2 days.

But, since this blog is primarily focused on our adoption adventure, I’ll focus my response there as well. When we bring our baby home, I’m certain that our gay friends will be among the first here to greet it. Our child will be welcome into their home and their family’s homes, and they will always be welcome in ours. Despite questionable music taste, our gay friends are just more people in a wonderful family of friends who are supporting us as we go through adoption and will welcome our child with open arms.

Most importantly, I’m going to borrow a Facebook status update from a friend and colleague who’s anxiously awaiting the arrival of his first son:

When my son arrives (hopefully soon) the first thing I’m going to teach him… won’t be how to read… nor will it be how to swim… or how to tell a joke. The first thing I’ll teach him is that he should respect everyone… No matter their Race, Religion, Political Beliefs or their sexual preference. EVERYONE IS EQUAL — DESERVES MY SON’S RESPECT. AND DESERVES THE SAME RIGHTS THAT HE WILL BE AFFORDED!!!



As many of you know, we’ve been “on the books”with our adoption agency since Aug. 19. While there was the initial thought that the call/email could come any second, I think now we’ve settled in for a good long wait. How do we feel about this? While I didn’t consult Ak on this post, I can say that my feelings are a mixture of the following…

  • Enjoying the rest. That’s probably not where you thought I’d start, eh? Since Jan., it’s been a constant go-go-go to get to this point, and the pace was completely up to us. As is our particular idiom, we didn’t sit around. We moved as fast as we could to get to this part, and now that we’re here and it’s out of our control, it’s awesome to get to choose my own reading material and spend my days off work someplace other than classes and government buildings.
  • Excited for new projects. There’s so much to do to get ready for a baby! Picking out nursery furniture, going through all our clutter to make room, making decisions about how we’re going to parent, acclimating the dogs to new situations, saving our pennies because who knows what’s coming next… the list is never-ending. I’ve been told that it can be hard on waiting parents to get everything ready and then not have a baby, but I honestly can’t imagine a time when there’s nothing left to do.
  • Thinking of ways to optimize our campaign. I can’t help it, I see the world through a PR lens. Are we communicating the right message to the right people? Every PR campaign has a plan B, C and J — is it time to pull the trigger on the next execution? As 6 of you know, we’re dabbling in social media, but really just at the dip a toe phase. What would happen if we promoted that more?
  • Appreciating the quiet. We are home bodies. We like to curl up on the couch with our dogs, a glass of wine and whatever TV we’re hooked on at that given moment (currently Futurama). Word on the street is our days of doing this are limited, so I’m savoring each and every one.

In memory of Stewart

Court was out with the dogs earlier this evening and was told by our neighbor that they had a sick cat in their yard.  Being the animal lovers that we are, we both rushed over to the yard to see what was going on.  What we were greeted with was a sweet little orange and black tabby who looked like he hadn’t had a good meal in months, if not years.  Emaciated down to just skin and bones, and too weak to really move, the little guy looked just plain pitiful.  All the while, he seemed like a sweet cat who liked all of the human attention.  So the Becks swung into action — Court  brought food and water, and I grabbed one of our cat carriers.  The little guy didn’t seem to want any of our dry food, but was obviously really thirsty, so we let him drink for a while before nudging him into the carrier and taking him to the local vet.

Upon arriving at the vet, we started the long process of figuring out what kind of shape he was in.  It was at this time that it was confirmed he was a he, but was neutered and had his front paws declawed.  He was obviously someone’s pet, possibly a long time ago, but there was no microchip — and as far as we know no way to figure out where the family was that would be missing him.  We also learned that he was an old cat, dangerously dehydrated, had major dental problems, was likely nursing an upper respiratory infection, and had just had a rough life in general (apparently his tail had been broken and mended itself previously).

This left us with a really hard choice.  We could hospitalize him for days, if not weeks, where he’d be fed through a tube and given fluids intravenously — after which he’d have a bleak prognosis.  The vet felt that there was a serious chance of impending renal failure even if he pulled through from the lack of food and water.  So Court & I made what we felt like was the only humane choice:  We had him put down.  Court in particular felt that the little guy deserved a name before leaving us, so after only about an hour or an hour and a half of knowing him, Stewart was painlessly euthanized, putting an end to his suffering.

We started out hopeful to save a cat’s life tonight.  That just wasn’t in the cards for him or us, so the best we can do is share his story with those of you out there reading this.


–Ak out

Are you a Beckateer?

Good news — there’s now a Beckateer Fan Club! Like us on Facebook for even more adoption updates and witty commentary.

Why are we on Facebook? Lots of reasons…

  • All the cool kids (and their parents now too) are there.
  • Statistically speaking, most of the birthmothers are there. A lot.
  • Our agency is there — yay linked pages!
  • Probably something to do with SEO, but that always makes my head hurt so let’s just assume.
  • Synergy with our networking.
  • It’s less work than Twitter and I’m not sold on the business application of Google +.

Also worth mentioning — since Facebook is very public, we won’t put as much information on there as we do here, and the blog won’t be linked to our Facebook page. So the blog is still your best bet for in-depth information, but please like us on Facebook anyway to show people how much you already love our kid!