Our new robotic butler

We here at the Becks Abide have recently come into the possession of a Roomba.  One of our chief reasons for wanting one of these marvelous little machines stems from the fact that Penny currently sheds her body’s weight in fur over the course of a week.  So anything that helps stem the tide of fur (often culminating in tumbleweeds that threaten the lives of our cats), is a welcome addition to our household.

In order to properly celebrate this event, we video taped our (probably premature) maiden voyage of the new vacuum.  I say premature because we didn’t wait for the batteries to fully charge (hey, the battery indicator was green!), so our little roomba cleaned our game room and most of our living room before stopping and cheerfully declaring that we need to return it to its home in order to recharge his little batteries.  Either way, totally worth it.  So, without too much further ado, I present to you our little video.  The only thing I ask is that if you don’t find the video entertaining on it’s own, please mock it, MST3K style.  It’ll make it better, I’m certain.  And with that, here’s our mechanized mobile maid movie:

–Ak out



  1. Well, if you REALLY want to mock it, just google “Roomba SNL” 😉

  2. Name suggestions:

    Also, “It’s UNDER THE COUCH!” was awesome.

  3. Ha, “maid”en, NICE

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